How Do You Get Future Medical Treatment in Illinois Work Comp?

It is possible to obtain future medical treatment for your Illinois work related injury; it just is not easy.

Most cases that are settled end all medical treatment. When you read the contract it is clear that it does not allow for any future treatment once your case is over.

For instance, if you injure your knee on the job, have surgery and then settle your case, the result is that any need for future injections or surgery is on you.

The reason is that insurance companies do not want to be responsible for some unknown bill that may extend far into the future.

You can ask the insurance company to leave medical open, however it is very rare for the work comp insurance company to agree.

If the company will not agree to leave medical open, then you can take your case to trial. If you win the cases it leaves open the potential for future medical. You still must prove that your future medical need is related to the original work injury. The insurance company will have potential defenses such as another unrelated injury, arthritis related to aging, or unknown causes of your problem.

The advantage of settlement is you know what you are getting and you get the money sooner. The disadvantage is that it closes out the possibility of future medical treatment.

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