Make Sure to Get Your Illinois Work Comp Settlement

Too many people do not know that they are entitled to a Workers’ Compensation settlement when they are involved in an Illinos injury.

Seems like many Insurance Companies are hoping that injured workers will forget that they can get money for a work injury in Illinois.

Makes sense for the Workers’ Compensation insurance company because if you do not get your money within the statute of limitations then you can never get it.

Probably adds up to a lot of money for the insurance companies over a large number of claims each year.

Some insurance companies will just pay the medical bills and maybe some time off work pay and tell the injured worker that is they get.

Make sure that you understand the law.

You are entitled to a settlement in almost every work accident situation.

It makes sense to check with an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer to find out the value of your case. The attorney may only earn a  20 percent fee what you recover.

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