Custom Legal Help- Why Those Social Security Questions are So Important

Social Security is famous for sending out a large number of questionnaires.

They cover anything from daily activities, work history, headaches, pain to drug and alcohol abuse.

They are very important because the people who review them are using your medical records and your answers on the forms to determine your level of functioning.

This ultimately leads to a decision on whether or not you are disabled.

It is important to know why the questions are being asked.

It is also important to understand how the answers fit into the rules and law and why certain answers may mean you are disabled or not.

Do not attempt to answer the questions on the forms without guidance from an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

Misunderstanding a question may result in you being found disabled.

Custom legal services means that your lawyer is sitting down with you and going through the questions with you so that you understand why it is being asked and making sure that you are giving Social Security a complete and honest picture of your limitations and past work history.

It is also important to fax your answers to the Social Security office listed on the forms. This insures timely filing of your answers and that they are sent directly to your electronic file without them being lost.

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