What You Can Get From Illinois Work Comp Law

When you are injured in Illinois you can expect certain results or rights.

First of all you are entitled to medical benefits related to your injury.

This includes such things as doctor visits, physical therapy, medications, surgery, injections.

Second, you are entitled to off work pay when the doctor keeps you from working related to your work injury.

This includes two-thirds of your average weekly wage based on the 52 weeks before you were injured.

Finally, you are entitled to a settlement after you have been released from the doctor.

There is no set value for the settlement. It is based on your wage, the type of injury, and the type of treatment received.

Some insurance companies will “forget” to pay the settlement.

If your bills are not being paid, or your time off work is unpaid, or if the settlement has not been paid make sure to contact an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

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