Important Work Comp Tip- Know when to Settle Your Case

You must decide on your goals in your work injury case.

Is it to get future medical?

Is it to get the highest amount of money that is possibly can, no matter what the risk?

Is it to get a fair settlement and get on with life?

Do not listen to co-workers or family members. They do not understand the system and they  do not know the specifics of your injury and situation.

No one gets rich off Work Comp in Illinois.

If you get a fair settlement, then you may want to take it and move on with your life.

The problem is some people do not understand that if you take your case to trial you will get what the Arbitrator awards you, even if it is less than the settlement offer.

You cannot go back and get the settlement at that point.

Any time you go to trial it is a risk.

Some people are risk averse and want a sure thing. That is the settlement.

Others are willing to risk it and try for more money. Just remember you may end up with a lower amount of money.

Make sure to talk with an experienced Illinois Work Comp Lawyer and listen to their advice carefully.

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