Valuing Your Illinois Work Injury Case

In Illinois the value of your Workers’ Compensation injury depends on the nature of your injury, the treatment you received, your permanent restrictions and the work you perform.

The nature of the injury means did you break a bone, is it a soft tissue injury, are there torn tendons and ligaments.

Injuries that are verifiable with MRI’s, Xrays, or ultrasounds are worth more than soft tissue damage or muscle strains.

Treatment may range from injections, physical therapy, and medications, to surgery.

Injuries that require surgery are usually valued higher.

Permanent restrictions such as limits on lifting, standing, walking or sitting, handling and fingering will make the value of the claim go higher.

A number of years of physical labor, and a work injury that will interfere with the ability to continue such a job will result in a much higher value than a similar injury and a desk job.

Make sure to discuss your work injury case with an experienced Illinois Work Comp lawyer to get the best value.

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