Make Sure to Do the Right Thing to Help Your Work Injury Case

Help your work injury case immediately and immensely by following these simple tips.

Put the details of your injury in writing and give it to your supervisor and human resources department.

This includes how it happened, where it happened, when it happened, and all the injuries you suffered.

Make a copy of everything you give to the employer for your own records.

Go to the doctor right away.

This will insure that your treatment will not be delayed, and will prevent any claim that you were not seriously injured.

Tell the doctor what happened at the job and what injuries you suffered. It may be wise to give the doctor a copy of your work injury report also.

Follow up with all treatment recommendations.

Do not allow the insurance company to allege that you made your injuries worse by not following Doctors’ orders.

Give your employer copies of all your doctor’s off work slips.

This will make sure that you get timely payment of your benefits.

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