When to Settle Your Work Comp Case

In Illinois you cannot settle your Workers’ Compensation case until your medical treatment is completed.

There is no set amount based on your work injury.

Some states have a schedule to ties the settlement into the type of injury you suffered. That does not apply in Illinois.

You must negotiate your settlement with the insurance company.

The amount you receive is also based on your average weekly wage for the year before your injury.

You are not paid anything for pain and suffering in Illinois Work Comp cases.

The settle value is negotiated based on the type of injury, the treatment needed, and your average weekly wage.

You should attempt to settle your case as soon as you complete treatment and you feel comfortable at work.

You want to make sure that you will not need any additional medical treatment.

Settling sooner rather than later helps your case because it is fresh in everyone’s mind in the event you need to go to trial.

In addition, it is better to get the money today rather than wait 2 to 3 years.

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