What to Do When Social Security Denies Your Disability

Social Security has set a very complex system for deciding if people are disabled.

You must be very careful to follow all the rules or you may be penalized.

The initial level is the application for disability benefits.

If you are denied at this level you must appeal within 60 days.

Failure to appeal will require you to start all over again, and it will prevent you from obtaining any back benefits before the date of your denial.

If you are denied at the second level, then once again you will have 60 days to appeal.

Appealing at the second level gives you the right to a hearing before an administrative law judge.

The hearing is your first opportunity to have a conversation with the decision maker face to face, and convince the judge that you are disabled.

There are appeal rights after the Administrative Law Judge decision.

All your appeals are very important to you because they control your rights to future and back benefits.

It does not cost any upfront money to see an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer.

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