When Do I Settle My Work Injury Case?

You do not want to settle your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case until you have completed your medical treatment.  

This means having your surgery, injections, physical therapy and being released from the doctor.

The reason is that settling the case leaves any future medical treatment and bills as your responsibility. 

You want to avoid this and have your insurance company pay all bills.

You also want to know if your doctor will release you to return to work full duty, or if you will have any permanent restrictions.

The value of the case depends on any restrictions you may have and what medical treatment you received.

Once treatment is completed you should return to work for several weeks to see how your body responds, and whether you will need to return to the doctor for any further evaluation.

You should then come up with a plan to negotiate with the insurance company. What amount of money are you going to demand?

You should seek the advice of an experienced Illinois Work Injury attorney to guide you in your negotiations.

Remember in Illinois there is no attorney fee charge until you recover payment from the Workers’ Compensation insurance company.

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