Doctor letters for Your Social Security Disability

Ask your doctor if she is willing to write a letter that you may use in your Social Security Disability case.

Some doctors are willing to help out if they know what to write.

A general letter with the conclusion that you are disabled will be ignored and will not help.

The Judge is interested in the severity of your symptoms and how they interfere with your daily activities.

For instance, do your headaches occur once a week and you have to lay down for 3 to 4 hours at a time? Are your medications reducing the frequency of your headaches but not eliminating them?

Will your condition cause you to need to take multiple breaks throughout the day on a regular basis?

Do you need to elevate your legs waist height and above for several hours throughout the day?

Ask the doctor to include your specific limitations in your letter.

The medical records must support what your doctor writes so make sure that you keep your doctor and nurses informed on your ongoing problems and limitations.

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