Top Evidence Work Injury Judges Look for

The key to persuading an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Judge (called an Arbitrator) to rule in your favor is to have solid medical evidence.

This means that you must go to the doctor or hospital as soon as possible after your work injury.

You must tell the medical providers that the injury involved your work, and explain how the work accident happened. For instance, I was lifting a box of parts weighing approximately 30 pounds and heard my back pop and pain started right away.

You must also make sure to tell the medical provider about every body part you injured. For instance, I hurt my neck, right shoulder and low back.

In addition, make a work injury report as soon as you can and get a copy of it.

Judges believe that what you tell people close to the time of accident is more likely than not truthful because there is not time to make up a story in order to gain money.

Following this advice will make your work injury case much stronger and save you lots of stress as you pursue your Workers’ Compensation claim.

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