When Can I Settle My Work Comp Case?

One of the major benefits you receive from an Illinois Workers’ Compensation case is payment of a settlement for the injury itself.

Some insurance companies will forget to inform you about the settlement or tell you that you are not entitled to any money at the end of the case.

The amount of the settlement in Illinois is based on your average weekly wage the year before your injury and the body part injured.

There is no schedule or set amount for your injury in Illinois. It is based on historic values according to Arbitrators and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission findings.

Things such as the type of injury, whether surgery was necessary, and any permanent restrictions help determine the settlement amount.

Settlements cannot be paid until the doctor releases you from care. The reason is that the full extent of the injury is not known until all medical care has been exhausted.

Make sure the insurance company is treating you fairly.

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