The Joker and Work Comp

Warning: spoiler alert.

Let’s look at what the Joker tells us about Illinois Workers’ Compensation claims and the law.

Can the police who are hurt while chasing the Joker claim Workers’ Compensation benefits?

Yes, chasing bad guys is clearly part of the police officers’ jobs. It does not matter that the bad guys are intentionally trying to hurt the officers. The officers are entitled to medical benefits, time off work pay, and settlement pay for the injuries.

Can the Joker get work comp when he is beat up on his clown job?

Yes, but considering his boss is a jerk he may not carry workers’ compensation insurance. In Illinois it is against the law, but it happens.

Can the families of the Wall Streeters who are killed on the subway file a claim?

No, there were not on their job or in the course of their employment. They also instigated the violence.

Can the talk show host’s family claim work injury benefits?

Yes, Illinois has death benefits for injuries that occur on the job.

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