Why Union Workers are denied Work Comp pay

Make sure that you do not give the Workers’ Compensation insurance company any reason to deny your work injury claim.

Failure to notify your company that you were injured on the job will raise an issue that may cause the insurance company to dispute your case.

To avoid this file a written injury report with your safety director right away and keep a copy of it for your records.

Delay in seeing a doctor may cause the insurance company to raise a defense that you were hurt somewhere besides on the job.

Get into see your doctor or the emergency room or prompt care as soon as possible.

Failure to provide the doctor or nurse a detailed history of your injury at work will result in an investigation and will be raised as a defense against paying any settlement and medical bills.

Give a description of how the injury occurred to all your medical providers, including what body parts were involved, and where on the job that it happened. For instance, “I fell off the loading dock steps while carrying a box of parts and hurt my low back and right shoulder”.

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