Covid 19 and the Workplace

Illinois Workers’ Compensation law requires you to prove that it more likely than not that your work injury or disease resulted from the work place or work responsibilities.

We are learning more regarding Covid 19 everyday.

Proving a workplace exposure will most likely require expert medical testimony explaining how the exposed worker contracted the coronavirus and the resulting course of the disease.

Healthcare workers, grocery store and retail employees, nursing home workers, and people with high contact with the public will present the most straightforward cases.

Initially, it was thought people with coronavirus work exposure cases would have low value because of a quick medical recovery with limited permanent damages. However, there are reports of serious permanent damages for some people. Such as chronic kidney damage, severe breathing disorders, restrictions in walking and use of the arms, and death.

If you know of someone who has contracted Covid 19 on the job make sure to contact a Workers’ Compensation lawyer. Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371 to discuss your potential case.