School Shootings and Security

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Schools may be sued for failure to provide adequate security. Issues include compliance with policies and what is considered to be standard safety measures. Expect to see more lawsuits for failure to protect students in shootings.

Here is a Good Work Comp Idea

I have seen too many cases where the injured worker does not tell the doctor that the injury happened on the job, and waits to go to the doctor.

Make it easy on yourself.

Tell work immediately when you are hurt on the job.

Go to the doctor as soon as you can, and tell them how you were injured at work.

Make sure you tell the doctor about all your injuries.

File an accident report.

Failure to do these things leaves you open to the charge that you were not hurt at work or are faking it.

The longer you wait to report or go to the doctor, the more the value of your case drops.

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University of Maryland Admits Fault in Player Death

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Does not happen often that a University or company will admit liability so soon. The only question at this point are the damages owed the family.