SSI Applicants Face Big Problems

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Very hard to get in contact with SSA offices and some strange procedures keep people from getting their cases started.

See a Social Security Disability lawyer to help you out.

COVID and Long Term effects—%20believed%20to,anxiety%20or%20diminished%20lung%20function.

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Covid long term symptoms may be the basis for Social Security Disability if it keeps you from working full time.

Not All Lawyers Get Paid Alike

In Illinois, different types of lawyers get paid in different ways.

Some lawyer are paid by the hour, or require upfront retainer fees.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyers, Social Security Disability lawyers, and personal injury lawyers are paid at the end of the case based on a percentage of what amounts they recover for you.

This helps you get a lawyer to represent you and protect your interests without having to pay any upfront money.

For instance, Work Comp lawyers are paid 20 percent of the recovery. Social Security Disability lawyers are paid 25 percent of your back benefits awarded. Personal injury lawyers are usually paid one-third of the amount of money they win for you.

This provides an incentive for the lawyers to win your case for you.

Make sure that you get the help you need against insurance companies and the government. They have plenty of lawyers to assist them in defending against any claims you file.

Feel free to contact Illinois Work Injury lawyer and Social Security Disability lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371 to get help in your case.

Illinois Woman charged with faking Illness

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Resources that could have helped those with real illnesses are stolen when this happens. Over 99 percent of the people filing for Social Security Disability have severe conditions. Gives those who are legitimately sick a bad rap.

Physical Workers and Social Security Disability

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Hard to make it to the finish line when your body is worn out.

Social Security Disability is hard to get.

So get help to make sure you get what you paid into over the years.