Attorney Fees for Work Injuries, Injury cases, and Social Security Disability

You need to know how attorney fees are paid in injury and Social Security Disability cases because it can make it much easier for you to obtain expert legal assistance.

These cases are not like the cases where you must pay a lawyer $300 an hour or pay $5,000 in up front fees.

There are no up front fees in Illinois Work Comp cases, personal injury cases, or Social Security Disability cases.

Lawyers who represent you in these kind of cases only get paid if they win the case for you.

Attorneys are paid different percentages in each type of case.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyers received 20 percent of what is recovered.

Personal injury lawyers receive one-third of what is recovered.

Social Security Disability lawyers receive 25 percent of back benefits awarded to you.

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Illinois Courts to resume operations

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State courts are getting back into action. So is the Illinois Work Comp system. Social Security Disability hearings have continued throughout the pandemic. However, all hearings are conducted via telephone. Questions contact us at 309-827-4371.

What is open in the Illinois Legal Landscape

This is an update regarding what is happening in Illinois legal cases.

Social Security is no longer holding in person or video hearings. However, Social Security continues to allow telephone hearings. The result is the same if you win: you are entitled to monthly benefits for the rest of your life and many times you will get back benefits.

There is no indication when in person or video hearings will resume for Social Security cases.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation hearings have been on hold since the Ides of March. They are scheduled to resume in June. This will allow cases to be decided and winning injured workers will be paid.

Illinois Work Comp cases may still be settled. This will be the fastest way to be paid.

Things are looking up for injured workers and those who can no longer work because the legal system will be able to process cases and get people money they need and deserve.

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Kidney Failure and Coronavirus

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Among other permanent conditions that may result from Coronavirus is kidney damage and the need for dialysis. Options may include Social Security Disability or Workers’ Compensation.

Devastation of Coronavirus

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The unknown stirs up fear. The impact and after effects of the coronavirus is one of those unknowns. Permanent limitations are important in Social Security Disability and Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases. The law does make provision for people who can no longer work in at least these two areas. If you know someone who suffers from permanent restrictions as a result of Covid 19 please feel free to contact me at 309-827-4371.