Addiction and Social Security Disability

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Social Security will often use drug and alcohol abuse as a reason to deny people disability benefits. Evidence of treatment can be used to prevent this from happening. Make sure that you see a doctor or go to a treatment facility to help your case.

Broken Bones and Social Security Disability

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Severe osteoporosis may result in standing and walking limitations. This could lead to a finding of disability.

How Long Does It Take to Get Social Security Disability ?

Social Security Disability benefits are difficult to get and it takes a long time.

In Illinois, after you apply it will take approximately 5 months for a review and decision.

If you are denied, then you must appeal and it will take another 5 months for a reconsideration of your application.

If you are denied at this level, you will have to file a request for a hearing.

It is taking 14 to 16 months to get a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Once you have the hearing it has been taking 2 to 5 months to receive the written decision from the Judge.

As you can see the wait time is extreme and very difficult on disability applicants.

Social Security explains that the long wait times are due to a large number of applicants and not enough staff to process the cases.

To be proactive you should file your case as soon as think you are unable to work and make sure to get to your doctor for appropriate tests and treatment.

This will provide objective medical evidence of your condition and possible limitations of your functioning.

Questions about how to make your case stand out from the large number of applications? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Missouri Pastor Guilty of Taking Social Security Benefits

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The rule is that you may receive Social Security Benefits and earn just over $1000 a month for part time work. Reporting your earnings to SSA will protect you from criminal charges.