Social Security Disability Tips

Do not wait to strengthen your Social Security Disability case.

Social Security must make two decisions in your case.

First, are you disabled.

Second, if you are disabled when did you become disabled.

Strong evidence will help get the earliest possible disability onset date.

This means more money for you.

Tip number 1: go to the doctor early and often and tell the doctor about how your condition limits you. For example, my legs swell all the time and I need to elevate them on the couch for most of the day.

Tip number 2: get xrays, MRIs, and any tests that will objectively prove your problems. For example, arthritis shows up on xrays. Spine problems may show up on MRIs. EMGs may show nerve problems. Social Security places a lot of value on objective tests that support pain complaints.

Tip number 3: get prescriptions for canes, walkers, braces. Social Security gives more weight to prescriptions because the doctor is acknowledging your need for assistance.

Tip number 4: get a disability placard for parking. The doctor completes these forms if you have problems walking and standing. Many jobs require extensive walking and standing.

Tip number 5: get help with your disability application and appeals. Social Security will look at every answer you give so make sure that you respond properly.

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Move Against Migraine – American Migraine Foundation

Source: Move Against Migraine – American Migraine Foundation

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Migraines may be a basis for filing for Social Security Disability. If they cause you to miss more than 2 days of work per month, or you have to take extended breaks, then you may be found disabled.

Veteran survives crash, stroke, heart attack, but denied benefits |

Attorneys representing veterans seeking Social Security disability benefits say a new agency rule could make it more difficult for claimants to get federal aid.

Source: Veteran survives crash, stroke, heart attack, but denied benefits |

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Does not make much sense to ignore the findings of another federal agency regarding limitations due to physical and mental conditions. This will most likely be challenged in Federal Court.

Floridians wait for more than 2 years for disability hearing

There is also a mandatory five-month waiting period to even start receiving benefits, even after a person gets their established onset date.

Source: Floridians wait for more than 2 years for disability hearing

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Illinois is a little better, but not by much. The Peoria, Illinois Hearing office reports they have over 5200 cases waiting for a hearing. It is also taking longer to get a written decision from the Judge because SSA does not have enough lawyers to write the decisions.

Social Security Judges Taking Longer

Social Security reports that in 2016 it took an average of 58 days for an Administrative Law Judge to issue a decision in a disability case.

In 2017 the average time has increased to 78 days.

Most likely due to not enough staff attorneys to write up the decisions.

Most everything will suffer due to inadequate budget for SSA.

It currently takes approximately 2.5 years to get a Social Security Disability hearing and an additional 78 days to find out whether or not you are disabled.