Illinois Work Injury Tips- Know when to Fold Em

You must make sure that you understand the rules and the climate of Illinois Workers’ Compensation.

Factor this is in your settlement decision.

Your goal is to maximize your settlement.

Do not listen to so called experts who tell you what they got or a neighbor or relative received in a settlement.

They are usually misinformed or lying.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators and Commissioners have turned very conservative in recent years because of the political situation.

There has been much criticism of the system as being tilted against the employer.

It is much tougher now and this has resulted in lower awards and denials of many cases.

If you are denied you will receive nothing for your injuries.

A decent settlement offer is worth more to you than walking away with nothing in your pocket.

I have seen injured workers with settlement offers of $30,000 and above who have rejected the offer and gone to trial, only to lose and receive zero.

Do not be someone who rejects a reasonable offer and then gets nothing.

How do you tell if the offer is reasonable?

Make sure to consult with an experienced Illinois Work Comp Lawyer. It will cost you nothing to do this.

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62-year-old man dies after Bedford Park crash | Chicago Sun-Times

A 62-year-old man died Tuesday following a crash in southwest suburban Bedford Park.

Source: 62-year-old man dies after Bedford Park crash | Chicago Sun-Times

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Strange sounding accident. Family of person killed in such an accident may sue the driver of the vehicle if it can be proven that the driver was reckless or did not take into account proper safety precautions.

Coroner: Lincoln girl struck by vehicle dies | Local News |

BLOOMINGTON — A 6-year-old Lincoln girl, placed on life support after she was struck by a vehicle Saturday in Bloomington, has died.

Source: Coroner: Lincoln girl struck by vehicle dies | Local News |

Horrible accident. Thoughts and prayers with the girl’s family and friends. No criminal charges will result. However, even if there are no criminal actions may still have money damages claim for wrongful death. But not all injuries result in money damage claims. It must be proven that there was some fault on the driver’s part.

How Not to Talk to the Judge

Some quick tips to help you put your best case possible before the Judge.

It does not matter if it is a work injury, auto injury, or Social Security Disability case. You often must testify before the Judge or in a deposition.

The way the Judge perceives you will make or break your case.

Do not argue with the Judge or the other lawyer. It does not help you and gives the impression that you are a combative, unlikable person.

Do not curse in your testimony, or curse at another witness, the Judge, or the other lawyer. It makes you look crude and selfish.

Do not comment out loud on other witnesses’ testimony. You will have your opportunity to respond according to courtroom procedure. It is rude and counter productive to talk over a witness.

The Judge often wants to help people who are polite, likable, and believable. Do yourself a favor and help the Judge help you.

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Woman suing CTA says she was hit by bus in Loop | Chicago Sun-Times

A woman hit by a Chicago Transit Authority bus in January as she crossed a street in the Loop is suing the driver and the transit agency.

Source: Woman suing CTA says she was hit by bus in Loop | Chicago Sun-Times

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You must prove the bus driver was driving negligently to recover. You must also prove damages. Usually this means that you suffered injuries to your body and required medical treatment and continue to have pain or limitations as a result.