Injured? What Not to Do

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision please avoid these common mistakes.

Do not give a statement to the Insurance Company adjuster. This can and will be used against you at the time of settlement or trial.

Do not settle too soon. Insurance companies are interested in limiting its losses. You must make sure you receive all the medical treatment necessary to get you back on your feet.

Do not delay in seeking medical treatment. The longer you wait the worse your injuries will become and the lower your settlement will be.

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Boy Injured during Camping Trip gets $47.5 Million Settlement

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This case involved multiple defendants whose insurance companies paid out a large sum of money for severe injuries to a young person. The insurance companies took the case to the Appellate Court to try to get it dismissed, and finally settled.

Sex abuse in Hollywood, Alabama and beyond: The Short List

Source: Sex abuse in Hollywood, Alabama and beyond: The Short List

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A victim may sue someone for sexual assault or sexual harassment and seek money damages for the injuries. The injuries may be physical or mental. Some states limit the time that a person may to file a lawsuit. This will prevent some older attacks from being subject of a suit.

What to do in Case of Work Injury

Keep this list in your wallet so that you have it ready for yourself or a co-worker or friend in case of injury.

    1. Go to the doctor immediately.
    2.  Complete an accident report as soon as possible. Keep a copy for yourself.
    3. Tell your supervisor about the accident.
    4. Tell the doctor about every body part that you injured.
    5. Tell the doctor how you were injured at work.

Following these simple steps will strengthen your work injury case and keep the insurance company from denying your benefits.

If the Workers’ Compensation insurance company wants to take a statement from you regarding the accident, call a Work Comp lawyer right away. The insurance company can use any statement you make against your interest.

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What Your Injury Settlement Offer Means

Once you receive an offer from the insurance company you must make sense of what it means.

An offer is what the insurance company is willing to pay to close your case.

After negotiating with the insurance company and coming to an agreement that you believe is fair, then you will have to reduce the settlement to writing and both sides will sign it.

The most important thing is to reach an agreement that reflects the true value of the case.

You must take into account any defenses to the case. Such as weak accident, poor medical history of injury, or questionable causal connection.

You must also factor in the going rate for the type of injury you suffered.

You do not want to give up a fair offer and end up with nothing or a low award or verdict.

If you reject the final settlement offer, then you will have to go to trial.

What you receive from the trial award is what you get.

The settlement offer is no longer good when you go to trial.

So make sure that you understand the offer and the value of your case.

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