Victim dies in Freak Accident

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Horrific accident. Driver may face wrongful death civil lawsuit. Municipality may face lawsuit also. Many times multiple parties may be sued if they have some role in the negligence leading to the accident.

Man charged with reckless homicide in crash that killed pregnant mom, 3 kids

JOLIET — A northern Illinois man has been charged with felony reckless homicide in a crash that left a pregnant woman and her three young sons dead.The Will County State’s Attorney’s office and the county sheriff’s office announced the charges Tuesday afternoon against 25-year-old Sean Woulfe of Beecher. Officials say Woulfe is in custody.Authorities say Woulfe was driving more than 20 mph over the posted 55 mph speed limit and failed to stop at a stop sign. Officials say his pickup

Source: Man charged with reckless homicide in crash that killed pregnant mom, 3 kids

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Family members may sue at fault driver for wrongful death. Most likely in situation like this not much insurance to cover damages. Mother’s insurance may have some coverage for underinsured claim. Sad situation all around.

Motor Vehicle Collision Tips

When you are injured in a motor vehicle collision make sure that you follow these steps to improve the value of your case.

Make sure that you contact law enforcement and complete a traffic report. This will capture most, if not all, of the important information such as location, date, time, names, addresses, insurance companies, and the cause of the crash.

Make sure that you go to the hospital or emergency room for immediate medical treatment. Insurance companies will attack your lack of medical treatment if you do not go for treatment as soon as possible after the accident.

Make sure that you follow up with your medical doctor as quickly as possible. Delays will damage your case.

Make sure to tell medical personnel the body parts injured and how the injury occurred. This will prevent the insurance company from denying that the collision caused all your injuries.

Do not give a statement to the insurance company unless you have consulted with an injury attorney. Any statements may be used against you in your future case.

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