How Do They Decide My Work Comp Settlement?

Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlements can be mysterious.

How do you determine whether you are getting a fair settlement?

Illinois law requires the settlement to be based on your average weekly wage times 60 percent.

For instance, if you earn $600 a week then 60 percent of that is $360 for a week.

Next the injury is given a total number of weeks.

This depends of the nature of the injury, the type of treatment required and any permanent restrictions that result.

For example, if you have surgery on your knee and it is determined to be worth 20 percent of the leg the result is 43 weeks (215 weeks times .20=43). Each body part is given a total number of weeks by law.

In this example, 43 weeks times 360 weeks equals $15,480.

As you can see someone who has the same injury but with a lower weekly wage will have a lower settlement than the higher wage individual.

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Different Lawyers Do Different Things and Cost Different Amounts

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyers and Social Security Disability Lawyers do not charge any upfront fees. They only get paid at the end of the case.

This helps you because you do not have to pay any money out of pocket. The fee comes from the settlement or recovery.

TV shows usually focus on lawyers who are paid $500 an hour or who charge a $5,000 retainer fee.

Lawyers who help you with injury or disability cases do not charge any hourly fees or retainers.

Why use a lawyer at all?

All these areas of the law: Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Work Injury are complicated and have many pitfalls.

Why go it alone when you can hire an expert and not pay any money unless you win?

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Attorney Fees for Work Injuries, Injury cases, and Social Security Disability

You need to know how attorney fees are paid in injury and Social Security Disability cases because it can make it much easier for you to obtain expert legal assistance.

These cases are not like the cases where you must pay a lawyer $300 an hour or pay $5,000 in up front fees.

There are no up front fees in Illinois Work Comp cases, personal injury cases, or Social Security Disability cases.

Lawyers who represent you in these kind of cases only get paid if they win the case for you.

Attorneys are paid different percentages in each type of case.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyers received 20 percent of what is recovered.

Personal injury lawyers receive one-third of what is recovered.

Social Security Disability lawyers receive 25 percent of back benefits awarded to you.

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Business Groups Challenge Covid 19 Work Comp Rule

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Insurance companies do not want to pay essential workers Illinois Workers’ Compensation benefits for Covid 19 illness. Contact us to discuss if you contracted Covid 19 on the job.