Illinois Work Comp Injuries and Medical Cannabis

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The Minnesota Supreme Court denies medical cannabis treatment for work injuries.

This does not mean the Illinois Supreme Court would rule in the same way.

No case has reached the Illinois Supreme Court yet.

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Injured at Work? Someone may be Watching you!

In Illinois, it is legal for the insurance company to have a private investigator video tape you while you are at your home, and when you go about your daily activities.

The nature and extent of your work injury, and any limitations you may have are important in your Workers’ Compensation case.

If the Work Comp insurance company is able to prove you are not as limited in your daily activities as you claim, then your case is worth less money.

Most surveillance video does not show much.

However, if you are seen lifting heavy objects, climbing ladders, dancing, or being able to move body parts that are supposedly immobile then your case value will drop dramatically.

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Your Rights Under the Illinois Work Comp Act

Illinois law provides you with three important rights when you are hurt on the job.

First, you are entitled to payment for the time you are off work as a result of the injury.

You will need a doctor’s off work note to prove that you can no longer perform your job.

Second, you are entitled to payment for the medical treatment you need related to your work injury.

Third, once you have completed your medical treatment and the doctor has released you then you are entitled to a settlement.

The settlement is a payment for the permanent results of your injury.

If the insurance company is not providing all of these benefits to you after your work injury, then you should contact an Illinois Work Comp Attorney.

Work Comp lawyers did not get paid until you are paid.

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Your Work Comp Doctor Matters

In Illinois you must prove that your work accident caused the conditions for which you are being treated.

If your doctor will not be able to back you up and testify that your fall at work caused your shoulder injury, then you will lose your case.

From the start, make sure that you tell your doctor how the accident happened at work and how it hurt your back or shoulder.

At each visit remind the doctor of all the body parts injured, and how you are recovering.

This will help the medical records support your testimony at the end of the case, and get you the best settlement possible.

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