Coroner: Lincoln girl struck by vehicle dies | Local News |

BLOOMINGTON — A 6-year-old Lincoln girl, placed on life support after she was struck by a vehicle Saturday in Bloomington, has died.

Source: Coroner: Lincoln girl struck by vehicle dies | Local News |

Horrible accident. Thoughts and prayers with the girl’s family and friends. No criminal charges will result. However, even if there are no criminal actions may still have money damages claim for wrongful death. But not all injuries result in money damage claims. It must be proven that there was some fault on the driver’s part.

Chatham man dead after two-vehicle crash near Petersburg

PETERSBURG — A 69-year-old Chatham man who was a passenger in a pickup truck hit by another vehicle on Illinois 97 Tuesday afternoon has died, according to Illinois State Police.The two-vehicle accident occurred shortly before 2 p.m. just south of Petersburg.State police said Sunny A. Barger, 18, of Petersburg was driving southbound when her Jeep left the roadway for an unknown reason. The Jeep re-entered the roadway and crossed into oncoming traffic, hitting the passenger side door of the

Source: Chatham man dead after two-vehicle crash near Petersburg

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This is considered a wrongful death case. The negligent actions of the other driver, not being able to control her vehicle, caused the death of another person. The family members of the passenger who died may file a lawsuit seeking monetary damages for the value of his life and companionship lost as a result of the reckless driving.

First Things to Do When You have Been Hurt in Motor Vehicle Collision

Being injured is never pleasant.

Pain, fear and chaos take over.

The purpose of this blog post is to give a few simple steps to make sure that you stay on track when things seem out of control.

Make sure that you go to the hospital or your doctor immediately.

Some people are afraid of medical professionals.

Waiting will only make it worse for your health and your potential case against the negligent driver.

If an ambulance is offered make sure that you go so that the doctors and emergency personnel have the opportunity to check out all your injuries as soon as possible.

Go to your personal doctor after you have been to the hospital.

This will give your doctor a chance to examine you several days after the incident and discover any additional problems.

Make sure that you ask your doctor to refer you to see the appropriate specialists such as a back doctor or an orthopedic surgeon for your knees or arms.

Follow up with all recommended treatment. Failure to comply with the doctor’s treatment plan may leave you open to charges that you would have recovered completely if you followed orders.

Questions about your motor vehicle collision and what you need to do about your medical bills and being off work? Feel free to contact Illinois motor vehicle collision attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.