3-D Color Xrays Could Help Spot Deadly Disease


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These new technologies may also help better explain the severity of a condition. This may be especially helpful in Social Security Disability and Work Injury cases.

Iowa Doctor Takes on Opioid  Epidemic


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Many injured workers and people seeking Social Security Disability need this type of help.

Disability Applications Plunge as the Economy Strengthens


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Very interesting story regarding Social Security Disability.

Illinois Counties File Lawsuit against local Doctors and Drug Companies for Opioid Crisis


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All kinds of problems have resulted from opioid abuse. A secondary issue will be how to address chronic pain. Many doctors will no longer prescribe opioids. Medical specialists still searching for answers on how to break cycle of pain for injured workers and the disabled.

Short Staffing Leads to long waits for Social Security Disability Hearings

http://Short staffing leads to long waits for Social Security disability hearing decisions

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Not only long waits for the hearing, but also 2 to 5 month wait after the hearing for the hearing decision to be written. I tell people that it is a terrible system, however it is the only one we have.