Tick and Mosquito Infections Spreading Rapidly, C.D.C. Finds


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Lyme disease may become a devastating disease, and it can prevent you from working. More doctors recognize the disease. This should lead to Social Security ruling that people can become disabled as a result.

The Disappearing Doctor and How it Makes Your Disability Case Harder


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The changes in health care delivery make it harder to win your Social Security Disability case. Not able to see the doctor as much or get the medical tests you need results in less evidence to convince the Judge of your disability.

Twin sisters known for battle with debilitating OCD die in possible ‘suicide pact’


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Extreme mental health conditions are grounds for Social Security disability benefits. They prevent a person from working in regular employment.

Nonopioids and Pain Relief


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Whether a work comp injury or chronic pain in a Social Security Disability case, the Judges are looking at long term use of opioids.