Your Work Comp Settlement Part 2

Last week we discussed why your wages make a difference in how much money you receive for your work injury settlement or award.

This week we will discuss how the type of injury you suffered impacts your work accident settlement or award.

For instance, if you suffer a concussion, or fracture, or herniated disc this will effect the amount of money you receive.

Some states pay you a set amount for a fracture.

Illinois law does not do this. The law has developed to pay within a range for the type of injury you suffered.

Over time the settlement range develops and may change according to the political climate or the ways the Arbitrators and Commissioners view the injuries.

The basis of the value is how the injury creates a permanent partial disability in the injured worker.

In other words, a fracture is seen as changing your body long term because it may lead to arthritis. Or a concussion may result in ongoing headaches or memory issues. A herniated disc may be seen as effecting the spine and nerve roots over time.

Valuation in Illinois is seen as a balance of what the Arbitrators and Commissioners interpret for each injury or diagnosis. More of an art or feel for each injury type versus set numbers.

This is why it is helpful to have a lawyer guide you to make sure that you receive a fair settlement.

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Why Does my Wage matter in Work Comp?

The amount of your wage makes a big difference in how much you get from your Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlement.

The reason is that the law provides that your award is based on 60 percent of your average weekly wage the 52 weeks before your injury.

For instance, if you are hurt on the job at a fast food restaurant you will receive much less money than a union worker who received the same injury and treatment outcome.

Make sure that the insurance company is calculating your wage correctly. There are special rules for overtime and people who work 2 jobs at the same time.

Is the insurance company following the law correctly?

Make sure you have an Illinois Work Comp lawyer on your side.

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Illinois Workers’ Compensation in COVID times

COVID really hit the Illinois Work Comp Commission hard. They did not do much for many months.

Hearings restarted recently. February was really the first month trials started again.

Trials are now available but on a limited basis. The Arbitrators can only scheduled a limited number of trials for a couple of days each month.

Settlements can still be processed and approved. This is the fastest way to be paid your money.

A trial may take many months to be scheduled and held.

Insurance companies are taking advantage of this delay.

Make sure to get an Illinois Work Comp Attorney to help you fight the insurance company and get your settlement started. Illinois Work Injury lawyers are not paid until you get your money.

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Work Comp Will Not Pay Me for My Injury What Do I Do?

Pursuant to Illinois Workers’ Compensation law if you are injured on the job you are entitled to payment.

Some Work Comp insurance companies do not believe you understand or know the law.

They are taking advantage of you.

If you are not offered a settlement or you are offered a low amount of money, make sure to contact an Illinois Work Injury Lawyer right away.

Illinois Work Comp Lawyers are not paid until they recover money for you. Their fees are limited to 20 percent of recovery.

Do not allow big insurance companies and their lawyers to take away your work injury settlement.

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