Your Privacy and Illinois Workers’ Compensation Case

What happens to your personal information when you file an Illinois work injury case?

The application of claim starts the process of a work injury case.

The fact that a filing has occurred is one of public record.

Anyone can look up who has filed an Illinois Workers’ Compensation case. This includes your date of injury, employer, average weekly wage, and body part injured.

Once the case is settled it becomes public record.

The amount of settlement is open to public review.

During the course of the work comp case, medical records related to your injury will be available to the insurance company and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

You must provide access to your medical records because the claim is based on the injury and the treatment you received.

The public does not have access to your medical records.

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Employers Can Make You get the Covid Vaccine

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Employers are entitled to require workers to have the Covid vaccine.

Illinois law provides Work Comp benefits to you if you have contracted Covid on the job.