Injured Union Workers Do Not Forget your Settlement

Union workers injured on the job are entitled to a settlement.

Illinois law provides that an injured worker may receive medical benefits, off work pay, and settlement pay for the injury.

Some insurance companies will “forget” to pay the injured worker the settlement.

This saves the insurance companies thousands of dollars over time.

The settlement in Illinois is based on the nature and extent of the injury.

There is no payment for pain and suffering for Illinois Workers’ Compensation claims. However, the settlement is based on whether surgery is involved, the specific body part injured, and what limitations result.

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Family of stuntman recovers in death lawsuit

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In Illinois you may be able to recover for negligent actions and for a Workers’ Compensation claim. It all depends on the parties involved and the circumstances surrounding the injury. Make sure to talk with an Illinois Work Comp lawyer.

Union Workers and Back Injuries

Back injuries may be the number one type of injury union workers suffer on the job.

This is because most union jobs involve heavy lifting.

Treatments for back injuries range from pain medications, muscle relaxants, injections, physical therapy to surgery.

Serious back injuries may result in permanent lifting restrictions and prevent a union worker from returning to his or her job.

If you injure your back make sure to ask the doctor about an MRI. This type of test is the most sensitive for showing damage to the spine and discs.

Spinal surgery may involve disc repair, disc replacement, or fusion of different levels of the spine with hardware.

Once a back injury has occurred make sure to speak with an Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer because the stakes are high and the need for future medical treatment needs to be assessed.

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Is there anything to be Thankful for when injured at Work

No one wants be hurt at work.

However, we must take what comes our way in life.

If you have the misfortune of being injured at work, there are reasons to be thankful if you work in Illinois.

Illinois has some of the highest benefit rates and most comprehensive coverage in the nation.

So give thanks that Illinois law requires payment for related medical treatment, allows you choose your own doctors, pays you two-thirds of your wage tax free while off work, and pays you a tax free injury settlement at the end of your case.

Questions about how you make sure you get these Illinois work injury benefits? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.