Do Your Work Comp Case a Big Favor

What is the best way to insure that you will recover the maximum money in your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case?

Make a clear, straight forward explanation of your work injury to the Doctor.

For instance, I tripped over a shovel at work and twisted my right knee. It popped and there was immediate pain.

Failure to explain clearly how your injury happened and that it happened at work will cause you all kinds of problems and may even result in the loss of your case.

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Top 10 Causes of Most Serious Work Injuries

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Also broken down by various industries.

Overexertion means lifting and carrying objects. Falls. Struck by objects or equipment. Roadway accidents. Make sure to contact an experienced Illinois Work Injury lawyer to discuss your rights.

Work Trip Injuries

The Illinois Workers’ Law authorizes medical treatment and compensation for injuries suffered while on work trips.

Case law has also expended coverage to times you are not necessarily on the clock.

For instance, if you are injured while going to eat in the evening you may be able to recover work comp benefits.

If you are injured while on a work trip report it immediately to your supervisor and human resources department. Go to an emergency room or prompt care as soon as possible. Follow up with your doctor when you return home.

Insurance companies may not provide you with prompt or accurate information regarding your rights.

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Golf Club Worker Killed when Tractor overturns

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Illinois law provides benefits for families of workers killed on the job, in certain situations. Make sure to check with an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer.