Illinois Work Injury Tips- Know when to Fold Em

You must make sure that you understand the rules and the climate of Illinois Workers’ Compensation.

Factor this is in your settlement decision.

Your goal is to maximize your settlement.

Do not listen to so called experts who tell you what they got or a neighbor or relative received in a settlement.

They are usually misinformed or lying.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators and Commissioners have turned very conservative in recent years because of the political situation.

There has been much criticism of the system as being tilted against the employer.

It is much tougher now and this has resulted in lower awards and denials of many cases.

If you are denied you will receive nothing for your injuries.

A decent settlement offer is worth more to you than walking away with nothing in your pocket.

I have seen injured workers with settlement offers of $30,000 and above who have rejected the offer and gone to trial, only to lose and receive zero.

Do not be someone who rejects a reasonable offer and then gets nothing.

How do you tell if the offer is reasonable?

Make sure to consult with an experienced Illinois Work Comp Lawyer. It will cost you nothing to do this.

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Boy on bike struck and killed by vehicle in St. Louis’ Patch neighborhood | Law and order |

The boy was hit just after 6:30 p.m., according to police. They said the driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene.

Source: Boy on bike struck and killed by vehicle in St. Louis’ Patch neighborhood | Law and order |

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Heartbreaking. Accident reconstruction is usually used to determine location of collision, speed of vehicles, impact data, braking, and visibility information.


One man injured in Lincoln body-shop blaze

LINCOLN — Firefighters spent much of Wednesday afternoon battling a blaze at a Lincoln auto body shop that damaged the building and left one man with severe injuries.The Lincoln Fire Department was called to Treu Body Works, 925 N. Kickapoo St., just before 11:30 a.m. for a fire inside the paint room at the 12,000-square-foot, two-building facility.As surrounding agencies arrived, the fire had grown to the point that the roof of the building nearest to the road began to collapse.The

Source: One man injured in Lincoln body-shop blaze

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Employees injured in an explosion or fire may still file for Illinois Workers’ Compensation benefits even if the cause is unknown. Firefighters injured fighting the fire may also file for work comp benefits.

Some Examples of Why Histories are Important for Your Injury Case

What you tell your doctor and how it is written in your medical records is very important.

Some examples will help you understand why.

You are hit from behind in an auto collision and taken via ambulance to the hospital. You hurt your back, neck and shoulder.

You tell the doctor about the back and neck and shoulder; then treat for the neck and back without mentioning the shoulder again until 3 months later when you tell the doctor about the shoulder.

The insurance company will try very hard deny your shoulder treatment because you mentioned it initially and failed to follow up until 3 months later.

Lesson learned:  Tell the doctor at each visit about all your conditions and seek treatment for them.

You describe your accident to the doctor as being hit with a metal rod. You fail to describe that the rod smashed your hand against a hard object.

The doctor testifies that the smashing aspect of your injury is what caused the most damage to your hand.

The insurance company will use your words against you. “You did not mention the rod smashing your hand against the hard object at the time you spoke with the doctor. You are making this up now to profit from the case”.

Lesson learned: Explain your accident in detail to the doctor so they cannot twist your words later.

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