Work Injury resulting in High Wage Loss?

High wage earners must make sure that they are paid the correct amount if they are injured on the job and suffer a permanent wage loss.

This includes union workers, professionals, and people paid a high hourly wage.

If you suffer permanent wage loss as a result of your work injuries, then Illinois law has several protections available to you.

Permanent wage reduction may happen because of physical or mental restrictions that cause you to lose your job or force a job change with lower earnings.

Do not settle your work comp case until you explore whether you may have a high wage loss case.

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Pension Offset based on Work Comp Settlements?

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What were they thinking. You are entitled to a Work Injury Settlement in Illinois if injured on the job. Then the company wants to reduce your pension on the way out the door. Crazy.

Injured Union Workers’ Rights

Yes, injured Illinois union workers have rights also.

If injured on the job, you are entitled to have related medical treatment for your injuries paid.

If the doctor takes you off work, you are entitled to 2/3rds of your weekly wages.

Finally, you are entitled to payment for your work injury. This is called the settlement or award. Many insurance companies will neglect to pay you for your work injuries. Make sure that you get your settlement payment.

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Injured Union Workers Deserve a Settlement Also

Some more injured union workers have alerted me that their Workers’ Compensation insurance company has not paid them a settlement.

In Illinois you entitled to a settlement if you were injured on the job.

More insurance companies are neglecting to pay the settlement to injured workers.

Do not let the insurance pay your medical bills, time off work pay, and then walk away without paying your settlement money.

This is a deliberate plan on the part of the insurance company to save themselves money and keep your settlement funds.

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St Louis Churches pay down Medical Debt

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For anyone who has faced a chronic illness, whether it be from a work injury or disability, medical bills are a big deal.

Be sure to read this story. Churches in the St Louis are bought up the debt of those in poverty and forgave it.