What to do If You do not get your Work Injury Medical Treatment

In Illinois if you are injured on the job you should get your medical bills paid, payments while off work, and a settlement.

Make sure to call an experienced Illinois Work Comp lawyer right away if you do not get any of these benefits.

Getting your medical treatment is especially important. The sooner you have treatment the more effective it will be and the sooner you can return to work.

Do not let the insurance company delay your doctor visits, therapy, or surgeries.

Insurance companies have many attorneys working for them and with them to try to deny you benefits you need.

Be sure to have an attorney on your side.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyers only get paid if you win and there are no up front fees.

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Injured on job during riot?

First it is Covid 19. Now riots. Crazy world.

What happens if you are injured on the job during the course of a riot?

Hope not, but if it happens in Illinois. The law is on your side.

Workers’ Compensation in Illinois does not require the injury to be the fault of your employer. You are doing your job and the rioters hurt you, then you have the right to sue for Work Comp benefits.

The benefits include medical benefits, off work pay, and a settlement once your doctor releases you to return to work.

Remember if you are injured on the job contact an Illinois Work Comp lawyer right away to protect you and your family. Call us at 309-827-4371.

Injured at Work during Covid 19? Do not panic

There is enough stress going on without the additional worry of being injured on the job.

Illinois law protects injured workers.

It provides for medical treatment for your injuries, off work pay, and once your treatment is completed you are entitled to a settlement.

To protect your rights you should complete a written injury report as soon as possible after your accident. Go to the doctor right away, and tell the doctor and medical person how you were hurt at work and all body parts injured. Follow through with all medical treatment recommended.

Keep your work and the insurance company updated with all off work slips and doctor notes regarding upcoming treatment.

Make sure to get your settlement from the insurance company at the end of your treatment. Consult a lawyer to make sure you are being paid the correct amount. Illinois Workers’ Compensation attorneys only get paid when you are paid.

Questions about your Work Comp case? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371 to discuss.