Do Not Forget Your Work Comp Settlement

If you are injured on the job in Illinois, then you are entitled to payment at the end of the case.

Once your medical treatment is complete and the doctor has released you to return to work, Illinois law provides that you entitled to money damages for your injury.

Many insurance companies will only pay your medical bills and time off work but fail to pay you the settlement dollars.

Do not forget to have them pay you the proper amount of money.

Contact an Illinois Work Injury lawyer right away to get your work injury settlement.

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What about My Work Injury Pain and Suffering?

Illinois Workers’ Compensation law does not provide payments for pain and suffering.

Settlements and awards in Illinois are based on 60 percent of your wage times a specific number of weeks, the body part injured, and the nature of your injury and the treatment provided.

Chronic pain from your work injury may be accounted for through ongoing medications and medical treatment required.

Work limitations that are permanent are also factored in the settlement.

Other important factors are inability to return to your former job or inability to return to work at all.

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Most Important Thing to do if You are Hurt at Work

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Judges, who are called Arbitrators, will look closely at your first doctor visit record.

The Arbitrator is reviewing when you went to the doctor and what you told the doctor.

If you delay several weeks in seeing the doctor, the Arbitrator may question why you waited. Were you truly injured at work?

If you do not tell the doctor that you were injured at work, you are most likely going to lose your case.

Arbitrators believe that if you were hurt on the job you will tell the doctor immediately because it is such an important event in your life.

Do not give the Arbitrator any reason to doubt your testimony.

Go to the doctor right away and tell everyone you see at the hospital or doctor’s office how you were hurt on the job.

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Marijuana and Illinois: Round 2

Last week we discussed medical marijuana and Illinois Workers’ Compensation injuries.

This week we will discuss some work place issues in light of the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Illinois that was passed last weekend.

The Governor has indicated he will sign the bill and it will become effective January 1, 2020. (Not on 4-20, Just a joke)

Employers may still enact policies against marijuana use and drug test. They may also fire someone for having marijuana in their system.

The work injury issue that may come up is if you are injured and you test positive for marijuana.

There is a rebuttable presumption in Illinois law that if a person is found intoxicated it is the proximate cause of the injury and not compensable.

The injured worker is allowed to provide evidence to challenge that the intoxication was not the proximate cause of the accident.

An example might be an object falls on a person and injures her. She might be able to argue that stoned or not she was going to get hit and injured.

There will be a large number of unanswered questions regarding work injuries and the new marijuana law.

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Did You Get Paid for your Work Injury?

In Illinois once you have a work injury you are entitled to 3 rights.

The insurance company should pay your work injury medical bills.

It should pay you for time off work.

Finally, you should be paid a settlement when you are released from the Doctor.

Some insurance companies will “forget” to tell you about the settlement.

It saves them a lot of money if the injured worker does not pursue the settlement.

Do not let that happen to you.

Make sure to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to get the settlement you are entitled to.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Injury Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.