Why Going to the Doctor Matters in Your Work Injury Case

Injured workers often say that it does not seem fair that the Insurance Company has denied my benefits.

But what really matters most is what the Arbitrator thinks about your case.

So let’s get inside the mind of the Arbitrator.

Arbitrators give a lot of weight to when you go to the doctor and what you tell the doctor.

The Arbitrator believes that if you are truly injured you will go to the doctor soon after your injury. Usually within 1 days to 7 days after the injury.

The Arbitrator believes that if you are hurt at work you will tell the doctor that it happened it at work and how it happened.

The idea is that there is no reason not to explain to the doctor how the injury happened and where it occurred. What you tell the doctor close to the time of the work accident is more believable than what you testify to at trial 2 years later.

Failure to go to the doctor right away and explain clearly that it was a work injury will often doom your claim and there will be no medical treatment paid for, no time off pay, and no settlement.

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Is the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Taking Advantage of You?

The law is often not well known or publicized.

Let’s face it the law is complicated and people have much more on their mind with daily obligations and crises.

Most people are only injured once in their work career so it is not well known what benefits you are entitled to.

Some Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies know this and take advantage of people.

In Illinois when you are injured on the job you are entitled to time off work pay, paid medical bills and money for the injury itself.

The settlement is not paid until the end of the case, therefore some insurance companies will hope that the injured worker forgets or is unaware of this right.

Do not let this happen to you.

Make sure to contact a lawyer right away if you are not being paid.

In Illinois a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is not paid until the end of the case when you are paid.

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Is Work Comp Treating Me Right?

Most injured workers in Illinois do not know if they are being treated fairly.

This is not necessarily surprising.

Work injuries are fairly uncommon, and thank goodness for that.

The Workers’ Compensation insurance people deal with work injuries every day, and you do not.

So look for these common rights to make sure that you are being treated according to the law.

Your bills should be paid for the work related medical treatment.

While you are off work you should be paid 66 percent of your average weekly wage.

After your medical treatment is over you should be paid a settlement for your work injury.

If any of these things are not being done for you after a work injury you should contact an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to find out why not.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers do not charge you any fees until they recover benefits for you.

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