Injured on the Job? Who Do You Believe?

If you have been injured while working on an Illinois job or for an Illinois Company then you need to make sure you understand the law and how it protects you.

The Workers’ Compensation Law is complicated and has several important benefits that the injured worker is entitled to.

Do not rely on a coworker, neighbor, or the insurance company for advice. These people do not understand the law or may not have your best interests in mind.

Make sure to contact an Illinois Work Comp Attorney to review your case in detail.

It does not cost you any upfront fees to meet with an Illinois Lawyer.

A lawyer does not get paid unless you win and are paid.

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Talking to Your Injury Doctor is Important

What you tell your doctor at the time of your injury, and as you receive medical treatment is very important.

The reason is that Judges give great weight to what you tell the doctor at the time of the accident and how your body is responding to treatment.

If your story changes at the time of trial, or conflicts with what shows up in your medical records, then the Judge may suspect you are seeking monetary gain from your injury.

However, if your testimony at trial is consistent with what you have told the doctor all along the Judge will find you believable.

For instance, make sure to tell your doctor how you were injured on the job and all the body parts that are injured.

It is also important to explain limitations you experience as a result of the injury, along with any pain and ongoing problems.

Questions about your injury or disability? Feel free to contact Work Injury and Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.