What is a Workers’ Compensation Pretrial?

A work comp pretrial is when attorneys for the insurance company and injured worker meet with the Arbitrator and discuss your case.

The Arbitrator, who is an administrative law judge, has the final word in the value of your case at the trial level.

Both parties have to agree to the pretrial.

The Arbitrator’s decision is non-binding. This means that either side may reject the Arbitrator’s opinion.

Most pretrial’s focus on the value of the case.

In other words the Arbitrator will provide her opinion of how much the injured worker should receive based on the injury, the treatment received, and permanent restrictions, if any.

The advantage of a pretrial is that may help reach settlement quicker than a trial, or break an impasse between the parties.

It provides insight into what the Arbitrator will do at trial.

The disadvantage is that either party can refuse to follow the Arbitrator’s recommendation.

Then you are left with going to trial, but in most cases the parties will follow the Arbitrator’s direction.

The other disadvantage is if the Arbitrator believes the value is below the settlement offer. This means that you should weigh carefully what may happen and if you are willing to risk it.

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This may also impact those on Workers’ Compensation and seeking Social Security Disability.

Here is a Good Work Comp Idea

I have seen too many cases where the injured worker does not tell the doctor that the injury happened on the job, and waits to go to the doctor.

Make it easy on yourself.

Tell work immediately when you are hurt on the job.

Go to the doctor as soon as you can, and tell them how you were injured at work.

Make sure you tell the doctor about all your injuries.

File an accident report.

Failure to do these things leaves you open to the charge that you were not hurt at work or are faking it.

The longer you wait to report or go to the doctor, the more the value of your case drops.

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Illinois law pays Workers’ Compensation benefits for workers who die on the job. There are some unusual parts of the law that deny benefits when there are no spouses or dependents. So make sure to check with an experienced Illinois Work Injury lawyer.

Where to Get Work Injury Help

More insurance companies are refusing to pay a settlement to injury workers.

They understand that many people will walk away without trying to get the money they deserve for their work injury.

If you are injured on the job, then you are entitled to a work comp settlement in Illinois.

Insurance companies have a large number of attorneys working for them and protecting their interests.

Most people do not know about the laws protecting them in Illinois and they think it costs up front money to hire a lawyer.

This is not true.

Experienced Illinois work comp lawyers will not charge a fee until they recover a settlement for you, and the fee is limited by law.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact experienced Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.