How Fast Can I get Paid from Work Comp?

As we discussed last week, you can settle your Illinois Workers’ Compensation case after your doctor releases you from medical treatment.

What happens after that?

Once you have reached an agreement with the Insurance company you must have your contract reduced to writing.

Illinois has a new settlement system where everything is done via the internet.

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission requires you to upload your settlement contract on its website and then an Arbitrator must review it and approve it.

You should have an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney review the contract before you settle your case to make sure that you are legally protected.

Contract approval may take from one day to one week.

Once approved the insurance company is supposed to send your money out within 30 days.

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Top Illinois Work Comp Tip

The top Illinois Workers’ Compensation tip for the week is to file your injury report right away with your supervisor or boss.

The natural reaction is to wait and see if you are really hurt before you file or go to the doctor.

This may be fatal to your claim.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators look closely at your injury reports and medical history at or close to the time of injury. If they are delayed or do not explain the injury happened at work, then you may lose the case.

You should file an incident report with your supervisor even if you do not know whether the injury is permanent.

Make a copy of the report for your records. This is important evidence for your case.

Go to the doctor as soon as possible and explain what body parts were injured and how the accident happened at work.

You will be glad you followed these simple steps to protect your claim.

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Your Boss Said What about Your Work Injury?

What do you do if your supervisor or boss tells you to go to the hospital after a work injury and use your health insurance?

The purpose of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act is to protect injured workers.

The Law requires the Employer to pay for medical treatment related to your work injury.

You should not have to pay for your own doctor visits and medical procedures.

What if your supervisor or boss does not write up an injury report after you tell them about your injury?

Almost every business has a policy that work injuries are to be documented.

If your boss will not complete an accident report, then write a letter or email to your supervisor explaining how you were hurt at work. Keep a copy of it. You will need it later for your case.

What is at stake?

Illinois Law provides that injured workers are entitled to medical treatment, off work pay and a monetary settlement.

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What if they will not Allow My Work Comp Treatment?

Your medical treatment is very important.

Delay may mean that you have permanent damage to your body that will impact the rest of your life.

In Illinois medical treatment is one of the top benefits you are entitled to if you are injured on the job.

You should let the insurance company know immediately regarding what treatment your doctor recommends.

This includes things such as MRIs, Xrays, nerve tests, injections, medications, or surgeries.

If your insurance company is delaying approving the recommended medical treatment, contact an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney right away.

Illinois Work Comp lawyers can work on your case to get your medical treatment without requiring any upfront fee.

Questions about medical treatment for your Work Injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.