Surgeries and Your Work Comp Case

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrators provide increased value for awards and settlements when your injury requires surgery or results in permanent restrictions.

Illinois Work Comp law does not address pain and suffering. It focuses on permanent partial disability.

Arbitrators believe that surgery has a permanent effect on your life going forward.

While you have no control over the doctor’s opinion whether you need surgery or not, it does impact your work injury case and the amount of money you will receive.

Other factors include the wage at your job when you were injured.

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Even Stars Have Work Injuries

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Be careful out there.

On the job injuries are compensable in Illinois. This means you are entitled to medical treatment, time off work pay, and payment for the injury itself. Call an Illinois Workers’ Compensation attorney to protect your rights.

Medical Marijuana and Illinois Work Comp

Medical marijuana has been legal in Illinois for several years.

There are still a number of questions regarding how the Courts will treat it in the context of a work injury.

For instance, is an employer required to pay for it if a doctor prescribes it for the treatment of a work place injury?

There is a reference in the medical marijuana law that an insurance company may not be forced to pay for medical marijuana.

However, the Work Comp insurance company is different from a health insurance provider.

The other interesting issue is that an employer may have policies that result in termination for testing positive for marijuana.

What happens if you use marijuana for your treatment, and return to work? Then you test positive and are fired.

All kinds of fun issues will result from the interplay of these two laws.

In addition, it looks like recreational marijuana will be soon legal in Illinois. This will just add to the unknown effects of marijuana laws and the Illinois Workers’ Compensation law.

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Work Comp Tip

We have discussed before how important the doctor’s records are to your work injury case.

So try this tip to make sure that the records are helpful and accurate.

Ask the nurse, physician’s assistant, or doctor to read back to you what you tell them about how your injury happened and what problems you are having.

This will not take very long and it will help your case immensely.

Many doctors’s offices will not change the records at a later date.

Having the provider go over the history at the time of the appointment gives you the chance to have them change the notes right away.

It may make the difference between winning and losing.

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Godfrey Fire Captain dies

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Very demanding and dangerous job. Illinois law provides death benefits for workers’ compensation claims. Police and fire laws also provide additional benefits. Rest in peace.