Social Security: Providing disability benefits for 60 years

August 1, 2016, marked the 60th anniversary of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956.

Source: Social Security: Providing disability benefits for 60 years

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Social Security Disability is available to anyone who paid in enough taxes to qualify. SSI or Supplemental Security Income is available to those who meet certain income and asset guidelines. You must prove that you medically qualify for both disability programs.

Ways We Make Your Disability and Injury Case More Convenient

We will come see you and help you sign up for Social Security Disability benefits or assist you with your work injury or motor vehicle injury case:

At your home;

In your hospital or rehabilitation facility;

Or meet you somewhere nearby.

We also have hassle free parking at our office.

You only have to pay us when you win.

Make Your Work Comp Case Stronger- Be Consistent

The Arbitrator, the insurance company and its lawyers will be looking at every part of your case in deciding whether they will authorize medical treatment or settle your case.

This means that you need to file an accident report with your employer as soon as possible after you are injured.

Make sure that you include all your injuries in the report and explain clearly how you were injured.

Tell your doctors and medical providers about all your injuries and how it happened at work. If possible, take a copy of your injury report with you to the doctor’s appointments.

Make sure that you attend all medical appointments and undergo all medical treatment recommended.

The key is to be consistent in explaining your work injury and what body parts are injured.

The insurance company will attempt to raise doubt if you fail to mention injury to certain body parts or give varying accounts of your injury.

Arbitrators view accident reports and medical provider recorded histories as very strong indications of what truly happened because they occur very close to the time of accident and there is not time to make up a story to gain money.

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Custom Legal Help- Why Those Social Security Questions are So Important

Social Security is famous for sending out a large number of questionnaires.

They cover anything from daily activities, work history, headaches, pain to drug and alcohol abuse.

They are very important because the people who review them are using your medical records and your answers on the forms to determine your level of functioning.

This ultimately leads to a decision on whether or not you are disabled.

It is important to know why the questions are being asked.

It is also important to understand how the answers fit into the rules and law and why certain answers may mean you are disabled or not.

Do not attempt to answer the questions on the forms without guidance from an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.

Misunderstanding a question may result in you being found disabled.

Custom legal services means that your lawyer is sitting down with you and going through the questions with you so that you understand why it is being asked and making sure that you are giving Social Security a complete and honest picture of your limitations and past work history.

It is also important to fax your answers to the Social Security office listed on the forms. This insures timely filing of your answers and that they are sent directly to your electronic file without them being lost.

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Communicating with Your Lawyer and Custom Legal Services

A major part of custom legal help is being able to communicate with your lawyer in the ways that fit you best.

Does texting fit your busy life style? We can do that for you.

Does emailing help you put your thoughts in order? We can do that too.

Do you want to meet face-to-face in our office? No problem.

Do you want someone to come to your house to discuss the what is happening next in your case? We will make arrangements.

Do feel more comfortable meeting in a nearby restaurant or coffee shop? Just let us know the time and place.

Custom legal services is about your lifestyle and needs.

What someone to talk to about your case and what it means to you. Feel free to contact Illinois disability and injury lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.