Stories Are Important to Your Case

The facts of your case must be believable to win.

Every work injury, auto injury or disability has a story.

Make sure that your story stands out.

The story starts when you are injured or when your illness begins.

Tell your story often and consistently throughout your medical treatment.

Tell the paramedics how you were injured and what body parts are hurting.

Tell the doctors how you were injured and how and where you hurt.

Tell the doctors and nurses what problems you have throughout the day.

Tell the doctors and nurses how you are limited in your daily activities.

Tell the doctors and nurses and therapists and counselors what you need to make it through the day.

Make sure that you tell everyone your story from the beginning to the completion of your medical treatment.

Your story makes a difference.

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What Happens When My Work Injury Results in Surgery?

Your work injury is certainly serious if the doctor tells you that you need surgery.

The first step is to let the Workers’ Compensation insurance company know that your doctor has recommended surgery and request that the insurance company pay for the surgery.

Most insurance companies will decide to send you to see one of their doctors to determine whether they agree with the surgery recommendation.

You should consult with an experienced Illinois Work Comp lawyer immediately to discuss what this means for you and your case.

The doctor is not your doctor and will not be your treating doctor. She works for the insurance company. She may testify against you at trial. Anything you tell her may be used against you.

If the insurance company doctor says your condition is not related to the work injury, then you will have to go trial and have the Arbitrator decide between your doctor’s opinion and the insurance company doctor.

The insurance company may deny your surgery, however remember that you have options available to you and you do not have to take no for an answer.

The insurance companies have a large number of lawyers who are providing legal advice to them so make sure that you have an attorney on your side.

Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May to discuss how to get the most from your case.

Farm workers treated after pesticide exposure near McLean

McLEAN — About 60 farm workers, including several teenagers, were treated in rural McLean after being exposed to residual pesticide Tuesday morning.

Source: Farm workers treated after pesticide exposure near McLean

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Contract workers who are injured through a chemical exposure may file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Illinois.

Firefighters injured when car hits tanker | Local News |

LINCOLN – Two firefighters and a civilian were injured Wednesday after a passenger van collided with a fire tanker in Lincoln.

Source: Firefighters injured when car hits tanker | Local News |

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Good to hear that no one is seriously hurt. This accident is an example of a workers’ compensation injury and a what is called a third party personal injury. The injured firefighters may claim workers’ compensation benefits against the employer and personal injury damages against the negligent driver.

Decatur woman dies in police car collision; gunman at large | State and Regional |

DECATUR — Police in a Central Illinois continue to search for a McLean County man suspected of shooting an officer in the arm, an incident that sparked a fatal collision

Source: Decatur woman dies in police car collision; gunman at large | State and Regional |

Certainly a series of terrible events.

Injured drivers have been able to recover damages in cases that involve excessive speeds and extreme police chases. It all depends on the facts surrounding the police response and the injured driver’s conduct. Any police officer injured in the chase definitely may seek workers’ compensation benefits from his agency.