Work Injury Settlement Tips

Some top ideas when dealing with your Illinois Workers’ Compensation settlement.

Make sure that you are realistic.

Nothing is worse than giving up a fair settlement for some unrealistic chance at a large trial award that never happens.

You cannot go back after you have gone to trial and ask for the settlement offer you rejected.

Do not listen to family or friends who claim they know someone who got several hundred thousand dollars for the same injury you have.

Most people do not have a clue regarding the value of your injury, or understand that the value of your injury is closely tied to how much you were paid on the job the year before your injury.

Understand that Arbitrators and Commissioners are appointed by Illinois politicians. Their jobs depend on following the political trends and not doing something crazy that makes them stand out to the media or the politicians.

Make sure that you listen to an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer and ask them to explain the value of your case.

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