Delay in Your Injury Case May Lead to Ruin

There is no good reason to delay if you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, or a work accident, or you are disabled from work.

You should seek medical attention immediately.

You should follow medical advice and treatment plans.

You should file an accident report right away.

You should file a traffic report as soon as possible.

You should file for Social Security Disability as soon as you believe you will be unable to work for an extended time.

You should seek advice from an experienced injury or disability attorney to guide you.

These actions show that you were injured and injured severely.

These actions may prevent a Judge or insurance company from believing that some other event caused your current condition.

These actions will support your claim for damages and pain and suffering.

These actions will prevent you from losing potential benefits.

Remember that an injury lawyer and disability lawyer are only paid if you win so you are not out of pocket any upfront money.

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Make Sure You Do This to Help Your Work Injury Case

The biggest problem that will sink a Workers’ Compensation claim is the lack of documentation at the time of the injury.

This means things like medical reports that do not include information on the work injury, such as how it happened and what body parts were injured.

Medical reports that say “no known cause of injury” will destroy your case.

The medical reports should record “fell at work and injured his knee and back” to help your case.

Go to the doctor right away.

Waiting to go to the doctor will kill your case.

The other problem is no accident or injury report completed at the time of injury.

Make an accident report immediately.

Be sure that you keep a copy of the report so it does not mysteriously disappear when you need it.

Keep track of the names and contact information of any witnesses to your work accident.

Trials usually do not happen until several years after your injury so witnesses may disappear.

Following these tips will take away many of the defenses Workers’ Compensation insurance companies use to defeat work injury claims.

The Arbitrator assumes that if you were injured on the job there will be a paper trial proving how the accident happened and what body parts you injured.

Make it easy on yourself and the Arbitrator to rule in your favor.

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This story illustrates the devastation that may result from work injuries or motor vehicle collisions. The conditions often last for a lifetime and no amount of money will bring back a person’s health and life.

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Contract workers who are injured through a chemical exposure may file a Workers’ Compensation claim in Illinois.

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Make sure that your employer has Illinois Workers’ Compensation insurance. If not and you are injured this cause many problems in getting your medical bills paid. Make sure that you call an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to help you.