What Your Injury Settlement Offer Means

Once you receive an offer from the insurance company you must make sense of what it means.

An offer is what the insurance company is willing to pay to close your case.

After negotiating with the insurance company and coming to an agreement that you believe is fair, then you will have to reduce the settlement to writing and both sides will sign it.

The most important thing is to reach an agreement that reflects the true value of the case.

You must take into account any defenses to the case. Such as weak accident, poor medical history of injury, or questionable causal connection.

You must also factor in the going rate for the type of injury you suffered.

You do not want to give up a fair offer and end up with nothing or a low award or verdict.

If you reject the final settlement offer, then you will have to go to trial.

What you receive from the trial award is what you get.

The settlement offer is no longer good when you go to trial.

So make sure that you understand the offer and the value of your case.

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