The Importance of Repeating in Social Security Disability

Most of us learn through repetition.

For example, it takes us several times trying a new skill or task before we catch on.

It takes us several times hearing something before we notice it or pay attention.

This is something important to remember for your Social Security Disability case.

It even takes your doctor several times hearing your problems and how they limit you before she understands and puts it in her notes and records.

The same with Social Security Judges.

The more they see your complaints and problems and limitations listed in the medical records and hear you explain it in testimony, then the better the chance they have of getting how it restricts your daily activities.

When you go to your doctor make sure you repeat your concerns each time.

This is the only way to have it sink in.

Winning your case depends on your medical records and what they say.

Do not forget to repeat, repeat and repeat.

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Why Did Social Security Deny Me?

Denial letters from Social Security are always upsetting.

But, you need to keep it in perspective.

Social Security denies many people’s disability claims, and many times they are wrong.

After your initial application Social Security orders medical records and sends them to what is called Disability Determination Services.

DDS reviews the records to see if they meet Social Security’s laws and rules.

A doctor Social Security hires also reviews the records.

Social Security uses several reasons for deny disability claims.

They think you can do your old job.

They think you can do another type of job.

This depends on your age and work experience.

If you are 50 years of age or older, this may be a light or medium job.

Social Security defines light and medium jobs as walking and standing 6 hours a day, and lifting from 10 to 30 pounds.

The most important thing to do is keep appealing if Social Security denies your disability claim.

If you do not appeal, then you will have to start over and you will lose back benefits.

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What is a Work Comp Adjuster?

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company hires adjusters to oversee injury claims.

One part of the job is to make sure the claim is taken care of in a timely manner.

Another important part of their job is to keep costs under control.

The adjuster is the gatekeeper.

The adjuster approves medical treatment.

The adjuster pays temporary total disability.

The adjuster authorizes the Work Comp settlement.

The adjuster decides whether to hire an attorney, and who to hire.

The problem often is that the adjuster is not responsive.

They will not return phone calls or emails.

They are either overworked or not doing their job.

A unresponsive adjuster can be very damaging to your case.

The only way to deal with such an adjuster is to file a motion to go to trial.

Even this does not guarantee fast results.

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