The Importance of Repeating in Social Security Disability

Most of us learn through repetition.

For example, it takes us several times trying a new skill or task before we catch on.

It takes us several times hearing something before we notice it or pay attention.

This is something important to remember for your Social Security Disability case.

It even takes your doctor several times hearing your problems and how they limit you before she understands and puts it in her notes and records.

The same with Social Security Judges.

The more they see your complaints and problems and limitations listed in the medical records and hear you explain it in testimony, then the better the chance they have of getting how it restricts your daily activities.

When you go to your doctor make sure you repeat your concerns each time.

This is the only way to have it sink in.

Winning your case depends on your medical records and what they say.

Do not forget to repeat, repeat and repeat.

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