Repeat After Me- Important Tips for Injured Workers

There is a long line of injured workers who can tell what not to do, or ways to avoid screwing up your workers compensation case.

You should learn important lessons from others and not experience the bitter fruit of a denied claim or a low settlement.

First and most importantly make sure that you report your injury to your employer right away and put it in writing and get a copy of it. This will avoid insurance companies who will want to twist your words and claim the injury did not happen at work.

Another very important tip is to tell your doctor how your injury happened and that it occurred at work. Make sure that you describe all your body parts injured. This will make things much cleaner in the end and avoid the defense that you only hurt your arm and not your neck.

It is much smoother when you do these two simple, yet important things.

Then the battle is about how much money the insurance company must pay you and not whether your injuries are related to the work accident.

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