How Social Security Misleads About Claiming Benefits

A recent GAO report and Senate hearing took Social Security task for its information about claiming Social Security benefits

Source: How Social Security Misleads About Claiming Benefits

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Make sure that you check with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer when you are seeking disability benefits.

Injury Claims and Medical Bills

When you are injured you need to understand how to handle the medical bills.

Make sure that you get them paid through your medical card, group health insurance, or medical payments coverage.

This will reduce problems with the doctors and hospitals coming after you for unpaid bills.

At the end of the case, you can reimburse your insurance company with the proceeds from the injury settlement.

The insurance company for the party who injured you will most likely not pay any of the bills until the end of the case when it settles the claim with you.

You may also be able to negotiate some of the bills paid through your insurance company to a lower amount. This will put more money in your pocket.

Make sure to consult with an experienced Illinois injury lawyer when you are faced with medical bills from an accident or injury.

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How to Get Your Off Work Pay Started

You should be paid 2/3 of your average weekly wage if you have been injured at work and you are unable to work your job.

Some insurance companies will not pay you what is called TTD or temporary total disability unless you ask them or contact them to find out why you are not being paid.

Some insurance companies will dispute that you were injured, or dispute that your condition that is keeping you off work is related to the work injury, or deny that you are unable to work.

In any event if you are not being paid you will need to seek a trial before an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator to start your benefits.

As the injured worker you must prove all the elements of your case.

This includes accident, causal connection, related medical bills and off work status.

You may need accident reports, witnesses, medical records, testimony of your doctor, medical bills and off work slips.

This can quickly become complicated so make sure that you have a experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney to help you get your off work pay started.

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What Custom Legal Help for the Injured Looks Like

A couple of examples of what it looks like to get the legal help you need when you are injured.

Social Security sent out two sets of questions with a total of over 15 pages to a lady who experiences severe ongoing pain each day.

I sat down with her and went through each question and made sure that she understood why the question was being asked and how it applied to her daily life and her past work life.

When we were finished I faxed in the forms directly to the SSA office handling her claim so the forms would go directly into her file as soon as possible and not be lost.

Another client was unable to get a ride to his hearing. I took him to the hearing and we were able to go over his testimony once again on the ride to the Judge’s office and discuss what the Judge was looking for and what questions she would ask.

This is what legal help that is important to you looks like and it is crucial because it meets your needs and helps you do the best you can to win your case.

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