How to Get Your Off Work Pay Started

You should be paid 2/3 of your average weekly wage if you have been injured at work and you are unable to work your job.

Some insurance companies will not pay you what is called TTD or temporary total disability unless you ask them or contact them to find out why you are not being paid.

Some insurance companies will dispute that you were injured, or dispute that your condition that is keeping you off work is related to the work injury, or deny that you are unable to work.

In any event if you are not being paid you will need to seek a trial before an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator to start your benefits.

As the injured worker you must prove all the elements of your case.

This includes accident, causal connection, related medical bills and off work status.

You may need accident reports, witnesses, medical records, testimony of your doctor, medical bills and off work slips.

This can quickly become complicated so make sure that you have a experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney to help you get your off work pay started.

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