Texas teacher arrested after video shows her slapping student

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Source: Texas teacher arrested after video shows her slapping student

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A student is attacked may file a lawsuit against the attacker and possibly the school district. You must show show damages to recover against the attacker and the district. This could include physical injuries and emotional damages.

Test your Social Security knowledge – HeraldCourier.com: Community News

National Trivia Day reminds us that knowledge about Social Security empowers you and prepares you for retirement.

Source: Test your Social Security knowledge – HeraldCourier.com: Community News

Take this quiz and test your Social Security Disability knowledge. SSDI is not a welfare program. You pay your taxes to support this program and entitled to benefits if you can no longer work.

What to Do When Your Work Comp Caves In

What happens if you are injured at work and your insurance company denies, delays and does not pay you?

This is becoming a more frequent problem.

Many insurance companies are taking advantage of vulnerable people.

If the work comp insurance company does not pay your medical bills, then you need to call an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

If work comp does not pay you, then you need to call a work comp lawyer.

If work comp denies your claim, then call a work comp lawyer.

There may be a reason that can be corrected that will start your payments or get your medical bills paid.

The insurance company may be wrong in denying your claim.

The only way to be certain is to call an experienced Illinois Workers’ Compensation lawyer to review your case.

It does not cost anything to talk with a lawyer.

An Illinois Workers’ Compensation attorney is only paid when they recover money for you.

Questions about what the insurance company is telling you? Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

They Offered What? Illinois Worker’ Compensation Horror Stories

Illinois Workers’ Compensation is under attack by the Governor.

The decision makers are aware of this, and they are being very cautious.

This means that Arbitrators and Commissioners are being conservative with their awards, decisions, and recommendations.

Insurance companies are well aware of this and making very low offers.

This does not mean that the offers are proper, however.

Be very careful before you agree to any insurance company offer and settle your case.

Make sure that you speak with an experienced Illinois Work Comp lawyer before you agree to anything with an insurance company.

It does not cost you anything to speak with an Illinois Work Comp lawyer.

Questions about your work injury? Feel free to contact Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

Talking With Your Doctor and Social Security Disability

What does a talk with your doctor regarding your Social Security Disability look like?

What follows is a fictional account of a meeting with a person who has filed for disability and their doctor.

This represents a one time visit but should be carried out at each doctor appointment with each specialist or medical provider that you treat with.

Doctor: How are you doing today, Ann?

Ann: Not so good doctor.

Doctor: What seems to be the problem?

Ann: My arthritis has really been flaring up. It kicks in as soon as I start using my hands for holding things or moving my fingers. At night it
wakes me from my sleep.

Doctor: Have you been taking your medicine as prescribed?

Ann: Yes, I follow what it says on the bottle and do what the pharmacist says.

Doctor: Do you want to try a different dosage or more therapy?

Ann: Sure, I am willing to try anything to get the pain under control. Do you think it will get worse?

Doctor: It will usually progress over time, however we hope we can slow the arthritis down.

Ann: Is it possible to get another xray of my hands to see how they look now?

Doctor: I can order the xray. The last one was 2 years ago.

Ann: Thank you very much, doctor.

The doctor will record in her medical records the reason you come in, your problems, symptoms and the treatment plan. It is important that the doctor understand that you are having problems and it limits your daily activities. Objective findings such as Xrays, MRIs and other tests support problems such as pain.

Questions about your disability claim? Feel free to contact Illinois Social Security Disability Attorney Dirk May at 309-827-4371.