Make Sure You Do This to Help Your Work Injury Case

The biggest problem that will sink a Workers’ Compensation claim is the lack of documentation at the time of the injury.

This means things like medical reports that do not include information on the work injury, such as how it happened and what body parts were injured.

Medical reports that say “no known cause of injury” will destroy your case.

The medical reports should record “fell at work and injured his knee and back” to help your case.

Go to the doctor right away.

Waiting to go to the doctor will kill your case.

The other problem is no accident or injury report completed at the time of injury.

Make an accident report immediately.

Be sure that you keep a copy of the report so it does not mysteriously disappear when you need it.

Keep track of the names and contact information of any witnesses to your work accident.

Trials usually do not happen until several years after your injury so witnesses may disappear.

Following these tips will take away many of the defenses Workers’ Compensation insurance companies use to defeat work injury claims.

The Arbitrator assumes that if you were injured on the job there will be a paper trial proving how the accident happened and what body parts you injured.

Make it easy on yourself and the Arbitrator to rule in your favor.

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Another Tip for Work Injuries

Arbitrators in Illinois Workers’ Compensation cases rely heavily on what is called the “history of accident” found in medical records.

The Arbitrator is the Judge who makes the decision in your case.

If the Arbitrator does not find the proper history of accident or injury in the records she may deny your case and you will receive no money for your claim.

The basis for relying on the history of accident in the medical records is that what you tell the doctor or hospital workers at the time of your work injury will be the closest to the truth because it happened at or near the time of the accident versus something you tell the Arbitrator or someone else months or several years later.

For instance, if there is nothing in the medical records regarding your work accident then you most likely lose your case.

If the history of accident in the medical records is dramatically different from your testimony at trial, or if the description of the accident changes over time then you will most likely lose your case.

Make sure that on your first hospital or doctor visit that you tell each person your injury happened at work, how it happened and what body parts were injured.

Write down this information and take it with you to each medical visit.

This will make your Workers’ Compensation case strong when the insurance company tries to deny your claim.

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Why Does It Have to be so Complicated When I am Hurt?

The law in Illinois is complex when it deals with work injuries, personal injuries and Social Security Disability.

You just do not have the time, knowledge, and ability to juggle everything when you are seriously hurt.

Pain is overwhelming and invades every part of our lives.

You need someone who will help guide you through the process so that you can come out on top.

It does not cost you anything up front to get experienced help.

Lawyers who represent you in work injury, car crashes, falls and Social Security Disability cases charge you only if they win money for you.

The peace of mind and guidance is worth it.

Make sure that you partner with an experienced lawyer so they can help you through the process as painlessly as possible.

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Top Doctor Visit Tip for Social Security Disability

The odds are stacked against people who are seeking Social Security Disability.

This is because Social Security is running out of money and there is political pressure to deny more and more disability applicants.

So make sure that you do all you can to make your case as strong as possible.

One important thing to remember: what is in your medical records can really help your case.

When you go to the doctor or the nurse make sure that you take a piece of paper with you explaining your recent problems and how it effects you.

Hand it to them and politely ask them to make sure that it gets in your notes.

Do this every time you go to the doctor.

You do not have to tell them that you are trying for Social Security Disability.

For instance, the note may look something like this: my leg swells throughout the day and I have to elevate it above my waist for 20 minutes every hour, or my hands are numb and tingle when I have to use them more than a few minutes at a time and it causes me to drop things.

Doing this simple task for each doctor visit will really help your case.

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Make Sure That You Have Help With Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement

The Work Comp insurance companies have plenty of help from lawyers they hire to protect their interests.

Why shouldn’t you be able to have an experienced Illinois Work Comp lawyer help you negotiate your settlement?

It does not cost you anything unless you recover money.

The attorney fee is limited to 20 percent according to Illinois law.

This will give peace of mind to know that you are getting the best settlement possible and to make sure that your medical bills are being paid.

Do not listen to people who are not lawyers and do not understand the complex Workers’ Compensation system.

Make sure that you have someone on your side who will be able to explain what the insurance company is doing and what needs to be done to maximize your settlement and protect your future interests.

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