What to Expect from Your Illinois Work Injury Case

If you are injured at work in Illinois, the workers’ compensation insurance company is required to pay you benefits as set forth in the law.

This includes payment of related medical bills for exams, MRIs, Xrays, injections, medications, surgeries, or physical therapy.

You are entitled to 66 percent of your wages for the time the doctor has you off work.

Once your injury treatment is over you are entitled to a settlement based on your injury, the treatment required, and any restrictions you may have.

Many insurance companies will fail to either to pay for your medical bills, or stop off work payments, or not pay you a settlement.

If this happens make sure to call a lawyer right away.

Questions about what is happening with your work injury? Make sure to contact Illinois Work Comp lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.

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