Two West Central Illinois Nursing Facilities cited for violations

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Some examples of nursing home neglect. Giving a resident the wrong medicine and a large tear skin during a resident transfer. Make sure your loved ones are protected.

Nursing Home Abuse- What to Look For

Concerned about your loved ones in a nursing home?

Make sure to look for these signs regarding nursing home residents:

Poor personal hygiene. Many residents need help with using the restroom, bathing, brushing their teeth. Attentive caregivers will help with these needs.

Unsanitary living conditions. Residents are entitled to a safe and clean environment.

Nutrition problems. Residents should be given adequate food and water to maintain hydration and health.

Loss or lack of mobility. Caregivers should make sure that residents get adequate exercise and movement.

Unexplained injuries. Bruises, bedsores, and broken bones may be major signs of abuse and neglect.

Psychological issues. Fear of caregivers and depression can lead to serious health issues.

If you think your loved ones may be suffering from abuse and neglect, make sure to contact a nursing ombudsman or a lawyer who is familiar with Nursing Home laws.

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