Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect? What to do?

Think your loved one is subject to abuse or neglect in a nursing facility?

Get your loved to see a doctor right away.

Immediate medical care is very important in the nursing home setting.

Residents are vulnerable and often frail.

Quality medical care is vital to their health and life.

Another set of medical eyes will also help explain what is happening at the facility.

It may also help prove the elements of an abuse or neglect case.

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Man charged with sex assault of nursing home resident

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Nursing homes must protect their residents.

Families may seek money damages against a nursing facility if they fail to oversee vulnerable residents.

So What if Nursing Home Rules are Violated?

If you have a loved one who suffers abuse and neglect in a nursing facility make sure to contact a lawyer right away.

The reason is that the lawyer can investigate whether there are violations of Illinois Nursing Home rules.

Violations that result in neglect or abuse of a resident may result in grounds for seeking money damages from the Nursing Home Facility and its insurance company.

Rules are put in place to protect and help nursing home residents.

Violations may cause pain and suffering and even death.

Keep your eyes open regarding problems at the nursing home and make sure to investigate any health issues your loved may be having.

Questions about what to do if you are concerned regarding potential nursing home abuse and neglect? Feel free to contact Illinois Lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.