Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

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For those with long term reactions you may file for Social Security Disability.

Interesting question whether those in Illinois whose employers have mandated vaccination can file a Workers’ Compensation case.

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Covid Longhaulers Being Approved for Social Security Disability

Social Security is approving those who suffer from long term Covid long haulers for disability benefits.

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Covid Long Haulers and Disability

Social Security recognizes long term effects of Covid as a basis for disability.

You must prove that the restrictions are expected to last longer than 12 months and that it prevents you from working a full time job.

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Doctor Note May Not Be Enough in Social Security Disability

Some people believe a doctor’s note saying you are not able to work is enough to win your Disability case.

The Social Security Judge wants to know why you are not able to work.

In other words, how severe are your conditions and how they will keep you from going to work and why they will slow you down when you are at work.

The doctor’s letter should explain these crucial questions.

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No Upfront Fees for A Social Security Disability Lawyer

It does not cost any upfront money to get a Social Security Disability Lawyer to help you win your disability case.

The government controls all lawyer fees.

The law provides that you only pay attorney fees if you win and it is out of your back benefits when you are paid at the end of the case.

Social Security Disability law is complicated and it helps to have a lawyer guide you through the rules and the questions the Judge and Social Security will ask you.

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