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Shows that lawsuits may involve all types of situations.

Cities, police departments and individuals may be sued. It must be proven that they were negligent in some way and it lead to injuries or death.

What Matters In Your Injury Case

Too many people think that their injury is not bad and that they will not need to file either a work comp claim or injury claim against the insurance company.

The problem is that it is usually too late to change your mind if the injury becomes worse or there are costly medical tests or treatment required.

A few simple steps will protect any potential Illinois Workers’ Compensation claim or injury case you may have.

Report your injury immediately and make a written report.

Make copies of all your reports.

Go to the doctor right away.

Tell the doctor how the injury happened, where it happened, and all the body parts involved.

These straight forward, truthful actions will preserve any future claim you may have.

If your injury worsens, a written injury report at the time of the accident proves where it happened and what happened.

The doctor’s records are evidence of the need for medical treatment and what body parts were injured.

Many injury cases are lost at the initial stage of the accident.

Delay in reporting and seeking medical treatment gives the insurance company the opportunity to plant doubt in the Judge’s mind.

Protect your injury case. Feel free to contact Illinois Work Comp and Injury lawyer Dirk May at 309-827-4371.


Las Vegas shooting lawsuits stack up with 14 more filed | Belleville News-Democrat

Legal action following the mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert is picking up with lawsuits filed on behalf of 14 concertgoers.

Source: Las Vegas shooting lawsuits stack up with 14 more filed | Belleville News-Democrat

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Everyone with a connection to the concert and the shooting is being sued. The shooter apparently had a relatively larger estate, which is different from cases. The legal bar is high to prove someone other than the shooter is at fault.