Mock Interview of Illinois Workers’ Compensation Arbitrator

This what I imagine an arbitrator, what they call a Workers’ Compensation Judge in Illinois, would tell you about the inner workings of the work injury system.

Q: What is the main part of your job?

A: The most important part of my job is to decide disputed cases and provide a well reasoned ruling as quickly as possible. I understand that an injured worker’s life has been interrupted and if they meet the requirements of the law they are entitled to off work pay, medical benefits and compensation for the injury. At the same time, the employer should not have to pay for medical treatment and any additional money to a person who was not injured on the job.

Q: What are you looking for when you have a trial?

A: Really for me there are two main aspects of the case I focus on. First, are the witnesses believable. In most cases there are only one or two witnesses, and the injured worker is the person who testifies the longest. Witnesses who tell a story that doesn’t make sense do not get very far with me. Witnesses who fight the lawyers or who are angry make it difficult at times. The second part is looking at the medical records. They really do tell a story.

Q: What specifically are you looking for in the medical records?

A: Did the injured worker go to the doctor right away? It does not make much sense if you are seriously injured and delay in seeing the doctor. Did you tell the medical personnel how you were hurt? Why would someone hide important information from their doctor?

Q: Any other important information you look for?

A: Did the injured worker file an accident report? Or is there a witness to the accident. These things can certainly make an injured worker’s case stronger.

Q: What about doctor testimony?

A: Sometimes in a close case regarding whether the accident could have caused the medical condition there are some complex issues. However, in most cases the medical records really show what is happening and the doctors are just confirming what makes sense.

As mentioned, this is what I believe an Arbitrator would tell you. But remember this is just my take on important parts of a case.

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Piatt County teen killed in bicycle crash with car |

Piatt County Coroner Troy Dunn said Ashton Brandenburg, 14, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on Illinois 32, just south of Piatt County Road 500 North.

Source: Piatt County teen killed in bicycle crash with car |

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Bicycle riders have rights to the road also. Investigation will attempt to reveal how collision happened and if any traffic violations occurred. This information may be used in a civil lawsuit for damages.

Estate of student who died jumping from bus is suing school district

The legal guardian of a Grant Middle School student who died after he jumped out of the back of a moving school bus has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Springfield School District and First Student bus company.Hubebia Langston, legal guardian of 14-year-old Idris Alford, alleges negligence on the part of the school district and First Student.Springfield police said Alford opened the back door and jumped out on his own accord while the bus was traveling at approximately 40 mph near

Source: Estate of student who died jumping from bus is suing school district

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It is difficult to prove that bus employees knew of the student’s plans and had time to react and prevent him from acting on his threats. The law also provides a defense when another person’s reckless actions cause his own injuries. This will be a hard case for the estate of the young man.

Report: Brain disease seen in most football players | Sports |

CHICAGO (AP) — Research on 202 former football players found evidence of a brain disease linked to repeated head blows in nearly all of them, from athletes in the National

Source: Report: Brain disease seen in most football players | Sports |

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Scary study indicating the link between high school, college and pro football players and traumatic brain injury. Pro football players may file Workers’ Compensation claims. College and High School players must file liability lawsuits because they are not paid workers.

Auto Injury Tips

I have had several calls recently from people injured an  automobile collision.

They are similar in that the insurance company for the at fault driver makes a settlement offer soon after the date of injury.

You must understand that when you settle your case and sign a release there will be no more money paid from the insurance company.

This is the situation even if you have some future medical treatment related to the automobile collision.

The reason the insurance company is attempting to pay you money quickly after the collision is to reduce its exposure to any future medical bills.

You must make sure that you done treating before you settle your case.

In auto injury cases medical bills must be paid from the settlement proceeds.

This means that all treatment must be completed and taken into account from the damages paid to you.

It is nice to have money quickly after the accident, however it is not a nice feeling to have some needed medical treatment that must be paid out of your own pocket.

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Remember no upfront fees are charged in Illinois injury cases.